Romania - days 4 - 6


Day 4: 

Today the children carried on with their colour lesson. We played games outside where you had to throw a disc over a stand. I also had the nostalgic game of pick up sticks with the children! I forgot all about that game but as it turns out I am still pretty good at it! 

I also got to go to my first Romanian supermarket! I didn't buy much but the journey their was lovely - I can't wait to travel more into Brasov. Afterwards, Me and Lulu also went to Libby's singing workshop at first we were like hmmm no but afterwards we actually loved it! We sung Titanium and Walking on sunshine with the children - it was great! 

This evenings activity was disco and film night! I played musical statues with the children and the other trainers tried so hard to get me out haha! Afterwards we watched Big Hero 6 which was a Disney cartoon - I had seen it advertised in the cinema trailers and it looked good then - it was a great film!!! 

I also learnt a lot about Vicki and her past, she is very inspirational after all she's been through. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason and that you just have to keep going! There was also a bad thunderstorm too which I was scared of :( 

Day 5:

Today was the day for the talent show. We decided that our children should sing the 'colour me' song from Lulu's Magic English book. Ina also got the children coloured Pom poms to use for the show - the children looked sooo cute! After we practiced for the show the children got to make animals out of plastercine. The children absolutely loved this activity, they made a range of animals including Dolphins, turtles and cats. 

After our lessons today me and Lulu went to Libby's singing class again. The singing group practiced the cup song and titanium for the talent show. The children all learnt to play to cups, although I am still not intierly sure how you do it! 

The talent show had finally arrived after everyone's hard work and preparations. It was raining really hard outside that the outside of the disco flooded slightly (not great when wearing sandals!). I was very greatful to have my rain jacket with me that's for sure! The talent show was very good! There were some amazingly talented children! The acts included singing, dancing, piano and so on. Although, our little ones were by far the best, not that I am at all biased!

Day 6: 

Today was our last day with the children and Lulu's last full day too :(. I will miss Lulu a lot, as she is so lovely!  

Today was the closing ceremony, where the children get participation certificates for the camp, certificates for taking part in the talent show, and rosettes too. Each week we also get to pick our 'star of the week'. That is, the child or children who have progressed the most. Also, those who are most helpful in lessons. 

After the closing ceremony we had free time, as there were no lessons. We mainly just stayed by the pool, until the afternoon activities. This afternoon we did face painting for the evenings campfire! I really enjoyed the face painting, as it reminded me of my days at college doing body art and makeup.  All the children kept coming to me for sugar skulls and dream catcher tattoos (Vicki has a dream catcher tattooed on her arm and all the children wanted that design). Also, the other trainers sent children away to my queue if they couldn't do the artwork. I didn't mind at all though, I really enjoyed it! 

Tonight was an amazing evening! We had a Romanian style BBQ, which really reminded me of being back in the UK. At the BBQ we had some wine and had fits of laughter, including the best sort where it feels like you cannot breathe! and at the campfire which was stunning and after which me lulu and will played on the trampoline 

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