Bran Castle | Romania '15


Here is the beauty that is Bran Castle.

Whilst I was in Romania one of our trips was to Bran Castle, which is also known as Dracula's Castle after the novel. 

We went to Bran after Rasnov (the next post I shall be doing), when we arrived it was round about lunch time. So we all went to a lovely restaurant with a stunning view - you could see the castle from the window!

The food in the restaurant was lovely! But, it was definitely the view that made it special! Strangely the restaurant was undergoing some construction work, however we were aloud inside as were other diners. That would never happen in the UK!

After lunch we headed up the hill towards the castle! We got to spend a little time at the markets below the castle. They were full of traditional Romanian outfits, fans, headbands and postcards. 

Group photo outside the castle on the stairs!

Here are some photos from the inside: 

Queen Marie of Romania actually lived in Bran castle, for quite sometime during the 1920s.

Portrait of Vlad Tepes (Dracul)

It is a lot lighter inside than I imagined. I suppose stereotypically 'Dracula' conjours up images of darkness and deep red colours. However, the bedroom was dressed in red and had dark wood too. 

The views outside into the courtyard were stunning, there was also a wishing well in the courtyard - I made a wish!

The architecture was so simple yet so beautiful! 

I would definitely go back to Bran castle if only for views like this alone! It was so beautiful! It was also interesting to read about the imaginary world of Vampires and Dracula, on the information posters.

Although I can't tell you what I wished for, I will tell you when it comes true. I hope the beauty of Romania grants my wish!

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