Romania - Summer 2015 - Day 1 to 3


The wifi isn't great here at camp, whilst everyone is using it at the exact same time. So, I haven't been able to update my blog daily. 

Day 1: 

The day has finally arrived. It has come round so fast after booking this adventure back in March, although it seems like only yesterday!

I have wanted this for so long, to firstly, teach English abroad, and secondly, to go to Eastern Europe. A lot of traveling was involved. First was the three hour drive to the airport in Liverpool, I was extremely nervous on the way to the airport, just because I am not the biggest fan of flying. However, we finally got the airport, where my nerves were heightened by the dreaded 'goodbyes. 

It was a four hour plane journey, and another three hour drive to Brasov. But, we finally made it! The airport we landed at was soooo tiny - it only had 2 rooms! You could also see the luggage being taken from the plane (about 10 steps away) to the airport. 

During the bus ride to Brasov we drove past some very cute, brightly coloured houses. In Romania no two houses are the same, because they build them themselves. In the same village there could be a shed like house, next to a mansion, next to castle! It really varies, but it is so beautiful. I don't like how in the UK all the houses look exactly the same. 

The Romanian countryside is stunning. It is untouched greenery, with mountainous and forestry views. Where we are staying is in the mountainside, it is so lovely to see that view out of the window. 

All day, I was completely and utterly shattered after being awake for 24 hours straight! Although, when we arrived we were treated to ice cream and I had a dip in the pool! 

Day 2: 

Today was my first ever ESL lesson! I taught together with Lulu - a lovely Romanian girl who I am so glad to have met! We had the youngest group of children aged 5 to 8. It was today that I learnt that Romanian children do not start school until they're 8! 

The first lesson was getting to know the children and their ability in English. The first lesson was very relaxed we started off with 'what's your name?', 'how old are you?' we then got the children to design the main page for their portfolios. We also played games and sung 10 green bottles (using skittles as bottles), their teacher informed me that they usually sing 10 fat monkeys instead - which is very sweet! All the children seem lovely! 

After lessons we have the afternoon activity, today I went on a nature walk with Will, Tam and Vlad. We walked up the hill (where the snakes live!) although we got stuck after a while, so we went down to the river instead. 

Day 3: 

Today was my second lesson with the lovely Lulu. Our lesson went really well! We taught the children different colours, using flash cards, relia and songs (such as the colour me song). The children also played outside with balloons and had a colourful balloon race, they loved the racing game! For the afternoon activity I helped with arts and crafts, we made origami windmills. The windmills were like the ones that you put into sand castles - they were sweet! 

For the evening activity we got to learn some traditional Romanian dancing! It was also Roni's birthday so we stayed up to celebrate that with drinking, yet more dancing and played cards of humanity. I really like the cards of humanity game, it's really funny, plus you see a different side to people. 

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