Whitby |10/4/15


I have never been to Whitby before but on the 10th of April that all changed....

Crab fishing nets!

Whitby is a stunningly beautiful seaside town and I'd love to go again. The town whilst having a beach also has a lovely harbour.

From the highest point of Whitby, an astounding view!

The ruins of the abbey. 

The quaint olde fashioned shops of Whitby on cobbled streets. We didn't venture into any although I do remember seeing a strange, freaky looking tarro card shop, which although intrigued we didn't dare enter. 

We walked up many stairs to get to the highest point up near the abbey and church. You could see the whole of Whitby from up there! 

This bridge reminded me of the pont de l'arc bridge in Paris. Where the love locks are locked onto forever more. 

Boats sailing along the harbour. 

A beautiful walk on the beach in the sunshine. 

We also walked so far to find a fish & chip shop. We kept seeing people with lovely takeaway boxes saying 'Quayside' we walked for ages. We really needed to have fish and chips, since we were at the seaside. Eventually, we saw the big sign that we'd walk past before, it was the nicest fish and chips I have ever had! 

I also tried to take some panoramic photos, although, they majoritively failed.

I would love to go to Whitby again, I am so thankful for the experience. After all
it really is a lovely seaside town! :) 

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