Swimming lesson #1


This evening I embarked upon my very first swimming lesson! 

I was very nervous to begin with, although I knew that there was only two other people in my class. The teacher seemed very nice, he was very helpful and supportive.

The first thing he got me to do was kick whilst holding onto the sides. After that I progressed on to using floats, 2 under my arms and 1 to hold onto in front of me. I did a few widths like that. 

Once I had mastered that I moved on to dipping my head underwater, which in all honesty, was no where near as challenging as I had first imagined. 

I also got to start to use my arms a little, practicing cupping them, and lifting them slightly out of the water. This was so that I could progress onto front crawl at a later date.   

At the very end of the lesson I used the two floats around my back - as if being sat in an air charm. It was nerve racking to lean back, as it's not natural. But, I did it! 

The instructor said that I did really well for my first lesson! When I was leaving the pool the manager (who was at the poolside with the lifeguard) said that I was a natural. I am proud of my achievements too :) Hopefully be able to swim in the massive pool when I go to Romania! 

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