Kelmarsh Hall


I started my day off studying my literature text books on 1920's New York Texts. I wish we could read my favourite author, Scott Fitzgerald's novels. I would absolutely ace that essay! 

We went to the gardens of Kelmarsh 
Hall to walk Rolo, since it was a beautiful sunny day. It's actually astonishing how much better you feel in yourself when the sunshine is out and the temperature is warmer!  

Went for a walk off the beaten track into the woodland. 

Discovered a quaint treehouse amongst the trees! I would love a treehouse in my garden... If I was you know like 10 years younger.... 

...And if I could physically build a treehouse. I have no idea how to even begin such a project! 

The day ended with a beautiful sunset and a lovely outing to Pizza Express with friends! 

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