Life Update


I know I haven't blogged for a little while now but I have been so busy! 

I also haven't had too many adventures to write about. The weather is now getting gradually warmer and the sunshine is out so, hopefully I shall have many more adventures soon!

So here is a little life update: 

1. I am currently employed as a teaching assistant (SEN). I absolutely love my job!!

2. I have recently been promoted to teach French whilst the actual French teacher is on long term sick. 

3. Over the summer I shall be teaching English abroad in Romania for a month. - which will hopefully a. Inspire me b. Tick a few things off my bucket list and c. Let me know that teaching English abroad is my life's vocation (although if it's not I'm not too sure that I'd do...)

4. I am still plodding along with my degree. I am nearly on my third year now, where has the time gone? 

5. I have started to see a personal trainer twice a week. In order to tone & add definition to my body, also to improve my posture. As well as this, I am also still going to yoga, although now twice a week instead of one.

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