Today I had a little driving lesson in my beautiful car (also known as Ruby), we drove around the countryside and just happened to end up stopping for tea - we may stop for tea everytime we go out to drive haha. I hadn't yet eaten this morning and so we had breakfast there too, I had my all time favourite breakfast ever, pancakes! 

After breakfast and tea I drove to my friends house, on dual carriageways - there I managed to drive at 70mph (which was the speed limit) but I felt confident enough to do that. I do believe that having my own car to practice in is really helping to grow my confidence, I highly recommend it!  

I went to my friends house so that I could use their study to get some uni work done, since there isn't anywhere in my house that I can really use to study. 

I was doing some of my English language linguistic terms work. I managed to get 7 pages of notes done, majoritively on clauses. I also learnt that primates can actually use grammar (well lexicon) who knew?!?! 

I am also very addicted to Game of Thrones right now as I've watched all of season one in just 2 days! 

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