A Day in Photos: Oakham


Today I visited Oakham with my Alpha family. I have been going to the Alpha course for several months now. I've gained a new wonderful set of friends from it, as well as, gaining a lot of wisdom and knowledge too. 

I feel very privileged to have been a part of it, also I feel extremely privileged and blessed to of met  such kind, caring and all round amazing people. People, who I now consider as family. Each person I've met has truly changed my life, none of them judge you, they're the most welcoming people I've ever met, they're all so kind, considerate, helpful and loving. We often meet up for coffee outside of Alpha too, at a little place called Costa; you probably won't of heard of it. 

Each member of my Alpha family has given me something, or changed my life in some way. 

Kerry was the one who first told me about Alpha, I admit at first I was a little aprehensive about the whole thing at first. However, for some strange reason I decided to go to the meeting, and I haven't looked back. So, to Kerry I am very grateful for this. Margrett, has taught me to knit and I am currently knitting squares for a blanket, she is like my own grandma. Dawn has been wonderful, she brought me my first bible and let me cry on her shoulder. I feel very close to Dawn, I trust her a lot. Sarah, who runs the Alpha course, is so lovely and kind she also has the most wonderful car! Haha! Pam, is very sweet and has prayed for me many times, she's brought peace into my life when I've been very nervous about things (e.g. my job interviews). 

We were talking about gifts and talents today and I can see how each person today in our group has a talent. Kerry, is artistic and extremely positive. Pam, is very calm and a good listener. Margrett, is a good teacher. Ross, has immense courage and strength. Sarah, is kind and doesn't judge. Dawn, is very wise and a good teacher. Ian, is a great cook and has wonderful hospitality. Tony, is a good listener and is good at telling emotions. Finally Fred, has a lot of patience.  

As for me and my gift, I myself aren't really sure what my gift Is, or even if I have one. But, according to Ross I have the gift of encouragement and inspiration. I'd like to think that, that is true. I'd like to think that I can somehow help someone with my gifts. 

Ian, who I mentioned earlier, showed off his great culinary skills and cooked us all a lovely home cooked roast. It was absolutely delicious! 

Ian's home was so beautiful, we all fell in love with both the house and, it's wonderfully beautiful countryside location. 

The Cottage Gardens.

This beautiful stream was right on the doorstep! With a lovely little bridge going over it, a great place to play Pooh Sticks. 

There is also pub literally next door! 

To top it all off it was a beautiful spring day, the sun shinned all day for us! 

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