New Life Changes


This past few month a lot of big changes have happened. Whilst they're exciting they're also very nerve raking and slightly scary. 

This week is going to be a very life changing week, due to these exciting events: 

New Job 

I have managed to get a job! Which ticks off my New Years resolution as well as something off my bucket list. It was an 18 hour position, but they took on both candidates as they couldn't pick. So, myself and Antony (who I am yet to personally meet) job share, we both do 9 hours each - which is fine by me as it means I have time to study too. There is however changes to take extra hours, over holidays, when people are off sick and so on. At the end of this week I start my training! I am very nervous but I am sure that I shall be fine! 

First Ever Car

Another off my bucket list is that I have brought a car! Although I am yet to pass my test I am going to learn to drive in my own car. It's a Vauxhall Corsa 2.1 litre automatic in red; I always said I'd never get a red car, but it us actually quite a nice shade of red! It was cheap-ish too considering that it is very well looked after, it passed it's MOT recently with no faults and has a full service history. I am going to collect it this week! 

Degree Changes 

I have changed my university degree from BA Language Studies (English and French) to BA English Language and Literature. I posted a while ago, when I was thinking of this change and I have decided to change it. I can still do the career I wish to pursue after; teaching English Abroad. It also means that I shall graduate a year earlier in 2016. 

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