An adventure on the way to see an adventure film!


Today I went to see the marvellous and inspiring film which is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.

The film is filled with adventure, and I myself had a little adventure of my own before seeing the film.....By adventure I mean, we got lost! 

Yes, we got lost on the way to the cinema, which in our defense was a little far out, we took the wrong turning and ended up on the motorway! Which was rather scary but yet really quite fun at the same time. Luckily Google Maps was on hand to save the day, which is extremely lucky since neither of us have much sense of director, nor knew where the heck we were heading.

Unfortunately we missed the film screening at the cinema that we were planning on going too. However, we went to another cinema and got to see the film in comfort and style, in the Directors Lounge. Which in turn made it even more special. 

                                     Free Complimentary Drink and Popcorn 

Anyway moving onto the film.....

I do not take credit for the image, photo found on Tumblr. 

The film itself is about a man, Walter (played by Ben Stiller), who is an ordinary guy who works for a magazine company, Life. Who's motto Is: 

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer,to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

 We see this motto a lot throughout the film, on the wall, on buildings, on the runway and even in a wallet which Walter receives as a gift, the motto plays a big part in the film and it also foreshadows the events of the film. The quote itself is also very inspirational, as is the film itself. At Walters place of work he isn't really appreciated by the new bosses who are taking over, Walter is also in love with a woman at his work, Sheryl. As the narrative progresses throughout the course of the film we see their relationship progress with a pretty ordinary and boring life.

Walter is a man who often daydreams or rather 'Zones Out' into wonderful adventurous alternate worlds, where he is the hero. In his dreams he is a man who is brave and fearless; he does what he'd never normally dare to do, in his real life. 

However, his life suddenly changes and his dreams quickly become reality, when he goes in search of a missing photo negative. His adventures definitely promotes and inspires wanderlust, and having a strong urge to travel myself, promoting wanderlust isn't a hard task to achieve. I am very inspired by this film after watching it I just wanted to get on a plane straight after seeing the film! Walter even writes a travel journal along the way, which his late father gave to him as a gift. 

I can relate a lot to him as a character, I myself dream of distant lands, and adventures and have a travel journal that is unfortunately untouched. I guess we all daydream about the person we want to be, and the things we want to do with our own lives. 

I'd most definitely recommend this film! It's so brilliant! I want to see it again in the cinema before purchasing it on DVD. 


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