A Year in Review: 2013


I can't believe it's the end of this year! 

This year has completely flew by, I'm not sure where the time went, but I am sure that New Years is just around the corner. New Year's Eve is tomorrow, weirdly on a Tuesday - a slightly odd day for NYE I think but none the less it is here once again. 


Last year started as every year does - with New Years resolutions, hopes for the upcoming year, plans, expectations and dreams. Although we all know that most of that doesn't happen as the year progresses and changes your life drastically. My resolutions for the beginning of 2013 were: 

1. Get a job and stick at it - I haven't managed to get a job but I have tried to 
2. Stick at Uni and work hard - I have stuck at Uni I'm still doing it but lacking in motivation now
3. Save money and don't spend - Yeah I didn't do this! 
4. Make decisions - Still not great at this either 
5. Learn to drive - I haven't learnt to drive yet but I am still learning and taking lessons 

In January I started my diary (which I abandoned later in the year) which I am reading from now, majorivitly in January I just slept a lot and felt depressed. I also was preparing to start my degree by making notes of how to make essays and so on, I was so excited to start my degree and get my life on track! I was also looking forward and counting down to my first holiday away with my boyfriend. At the start of the year I was still dating my boyfriend at the time, Matt. I also at that time was into sewing and fashion, I was even making my own dress on the sewing machine. 


February was definitely the month of doing new things for he first time. I started Uni and was preparing my first ever uni assignment, which was on the play Dr. Faustus. I also had my first ever driving lesson - however on my first ever lesson the instructor yelled at me and took me on roundabouts, I was so petrified and hating driving! Further more I got my first ever bouquet of flowers for valentines day and went out on a valentines day date. However, at this time things with me and my boyfriend weren't going very well, he was always nagging me and yelling. I felt very suffocated in the relationship. I also finished making my dress, the leopard one in the photos above. 


March the first started off with another driving lesson with a different instructor, Sara, who was absolutely lovely! Also in March I saw a lot of my best friend, Frankee. I was also doing very well with my first Uni module, I had finished my first assignment early and handed it in early, I was reading my text books quickly and I was working very hard. This was also the month were I was meant to be going on holiday with my then boyfriend, however... The night before we were meant to go he was absolutely  awful to me, we went to a restaurant and he ordered only food for himself, I felt so akrward. I also during that evening found out about the holiday, the truth of it...that the hotel wasn't even in Marbella it was miles away in the middle of no where and that he only booked it for the 'amazing' gym that it had there, and so I broke up with him. Easter was also in March this year too, I always love Easter, because well what girl doesn't love chocolate?!?! In this season me and my best friend Frankee, booked a holiday! Which I was really excited for since my last one didn't go to plan. Also


Spring had finally arrived and things were looking up and the weather was getting hotter. Me and my best friend went on a little adventure, we went on a picnic and saw some lambs; we managed to get sooooo close to them as well! Also in April I was still taking my driving lessons and learning a lot of new things!  I had applied to do an apprenticeship as a teaching assistant, which went well with my degree, however, you had to find the placement for yourself and no schools near me wanted to take on anyone and so I couldn't do it - which was a disappointment. During April I finally met my dads girlfriend's daughter for the first time and we all had tea and cakes together, which was lovely. Also with our holiday set I started the squat challenge in April. University was also going well and I ahead of my timetable, I also got a new laptop for my studies and assignments. 


In May the weather got nicer, the flowers were out in full bloom, and life started to get better. It was also a great month for film and TV, I went to see the Great Gastby which was an awesome film. Also Eurovision was on in May, a yearly special for me and my friends! I discovered two amazing films, 500 Days of Summer and The Notebook, which are very famous films which I'd never seen before, but loved! Uni was going well and I'd started on my art topic of the module, however, I had a lot of spare time free and so wanted to fill my time with something else and so I applied to do a beauty course and my local college. I've always had a strong interest in hair and beauty. May also included a lot of sunbathing out in my garden, as summer was fast approaching and the sun was out! 


Ah June! my birthday is in June so already the month was good already ;) also it's summer my favourite season of all time! Also I've just noticed that my calendar from last year is still stuck on June - I never use calendars....During said favourite season I get hay fever, so it's not all great. Also our holiday was comming closer and closer by the day. Another good thing that happens in June is Wimbledon, I quite like watching the tennis; although I'm not necessarily a sporty person. In the summer I was eating a lot more healthier, lots of fruit, strawberries (my favourites), raspberries.... I guess since they're all in season at this time. For my birthday this year, I went to Birmingham on a shopping trip with my friend, Frankee and we also had a meal there too, it was a lovely trip out. However, on my actual birthday day the 16th it wasn't a very good one really....I spent it mostly alone, it was as if everyone had forgotten about me to be honest I spent it at home eating chocolates and watching films and reading books feeling pretty depressed and alone (which isn't something anyone should feel on their birthday).But something life changing also happened in this month, I met my boyfriend at this time on the 27th of June so not too long after my birthday. Also in June I went to the interview for the beauty course I'd applied for, I got an unconditional place after the interview but I decided against doing it - I can't exactly remember as to why. 



July was definitely the month for adventures and travels. I think it was the best month of the whole year. In July I went to Benidorm in Spain with my friend Frankee which wasn't the nicest holiday but old Benidorm was nice, it was also my first ever holiday alone without my parents - a big landmark in anyone's life I think. I also spent a lot of time in London with my boyfriend seeing all the sites like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and so on. You can read more about both of these in my blogposts from back in July. At this time me and my boyfriend were going on a lot of dates, since it was early days, we went to some very lovely restaurants. I was also half way through my first Uni course at this time, and had gotten a penpal from my university; which was and still is really lovely to write and receive handwritten letters and parcels. It was also the month that Murray won Wimbledon giving us the title again for the first time in a long while which was all very exciting. 


In August I was writing my final essay for Uni, which was very stressful and scary because it was the deciding essay of wether or not I'd pass my course! I also had my last ever tutorial for this module, however, it was in Derby and so to get there I had to travel by train on my own, which I have never ever done before - but I managed to make it there and back! Also around that time I got my Uni course books for my next module; French. Which I was very excited for! August was another great month for adventures and travels! I went with my boyfriend to London several times, we went up the London eye at night which was just spectacular and also to the London aquarium, something I'd never done before but always wanted to do, so that was another new experience for me. I also went to Pershore in Worcester and met some new friends there who are the loveliest people. In August we also had our back garden re-designed and had new flowers, plants and a shed, which we are going to use as a summer house since it's so big. August was definitely the month of new things. 


In September I started my French Uni module and had completely finished my first module! I also once again went to London, this time with not just my boyfriend but the friends I'd made in Pershore too, it was a lovely day out and we even went up the shard! Which looked really scary as you stood at the bottom of it looking up - however once up there it wasn't so bad and the views were really quite wonderful. Me and my boyfriend also went on an adventure to Birmingham in September, we went to a South American style restaurant and just walked around. I also saw another great film in the cinema with my mother, About Time which was an awesome girly film!


Sorry for the lack of photos but as I said nothing much happened. 

I got my results back in October from my final assignment for my first module and.......I passed!!! It was also the month in which I got my lovely over-the-knee boots from new look that I literally wear everyday! Although things started to go downhill in October as I was ill, I had some kind of stomach virus thing so not much happened in October really. I was also struggling with my new Uni module and the work for that. 


This was without a doubt the worst month in the year. I lost all motivation for my Uni work, I was also in hospital for depression and panic attacks; I had a panic attack for 3 hours! Which was beyond horrific! Then to top it all off the day after I came out of hospital by boyfriend broke up with me, when I needed him most more than ever he left me. Which of course didn't help with the depression and panic. I felt extremely alone in this month, no boyfriend, my friend had moved to York, and my other was busy most days. I was also put back onto anti-depressants. I really missed my boyfriend and I spent most nights crying my eyes out over him. However, after all this I went to stop with my dad for a week he lives kinda near a beach so it was nice there, it's much more relaxed in the countryside. I also made a new friend whilst I was at my dads - with his partners cat, she is sooooo fluffy and cute and likes to be fussed over, however I was sad to leave her behind. A good thing in November was the bonfire night in Pershore, I got the see my lovely new friends again and the fireworks display was really special! Another good thing was that I swapped driving instructors to Acclaim and cars from a manual to an auto, which was much better and I had much more confidence. 


The start of December was very hard, I was still depressed and lonely without my boyfriend. I was also by this time very behind in my Uni work, well I still am truth be told. Although on the plus side I have met up with my friend Holly a lot more in December, which is a great thing. I also had my first ever night life experience and danced in a bar for the first ever time, which was both exciting and scary! I also made a lovely new friend, as I was introduced to Holly's friend Paul. Me Holly and Paul have been on some great outings together, for example we went for tea and cakes. Also Christmas was just around the corner, and well my New Years resolution of saving money didn't work out well as I was skint after firstly not saving and secondly spending all my money on presents. I also got to do my favourite thing of wrapping the Christmas presents both myself and my mothers presents. I really enjoy wrapping presents with all the bows and sparkles! Christmas Day was nice, I did the usual thing of seeing my grandparents and had Christmas dinner with them, although my poor Nanna didn't know what was going on, which was very sad to witness. 

So that was 2013...not a great year I must admit....I know I say this every year but hopefully 2014 will be a better year!

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