New Years Resolutions


I spent the whole of yesterday thinking Tuesday was NYE not New Years Day! Never mind. Anyway, onto New Year thoughts. I usually make New Years resolutions, with hope and excitement of how they'll be life changing but they always end after January 15th or something ridiculous, so last years were to: 

1. Get a job and stick at it 
 I haven't managed to get a job but I have tried to, I've applied to many places, re-done my CV about 100 times, had a few interviews but alas nothing. 
2. Stick at Uni and work hard 
I have stuck at Uni I'm still doing it but lacking in motivation now, as well as considering changing my degree to English Language and Literature. 
3. Save money and don't spend 
Yeah I didn't do this! 
4. Make decisions 
Still not great at this one either...
5. Learn to drive 
I haven't learnt to drive yet but I am still learning and taking lessons, I also did pass my theory test though. 

I supposed I kind of managed them but not to the stage of completement. So 2014's is going to be the same ones with a few alterations for example learn to drive will become pass driving test in 2014 as I've been now learning to drive for nearly a year (well a year on the 1st of March). I know they're not big resolutions or even new resolutions but I think that these are important ones for me. I will also add that I want to try and tick as much off my bucket list as I can in 2014, so that's a whole load of resolutions in itself. I'd say that these are more targets rather than resolutions, I know that most peoples are go to the gym, or to quit smoking, but I don't have a need for any of that, I want to grow and learn as a person, and to of course travel! So 2014 will be the year of learning, growth and of the bucket list. Ha. 

Now to end this year, my best of's:

2013’s most played has to be Ellie Goulding, Andrea, Avicii, Iggy Azalea and Calvin Harris.
2013’s most watched has to be Breaking Bad (of course), Once upon a time, Miranda and Orphan Black.
2013’s most anticipated has to be The Great Gatsby and About Time. 
2013's most read has to be my uni course books, Perks of Being a Wallflower, it and Loilta.

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