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Recently I have been very inspired by lots of different illustration art, especially the work of Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk) who is an illustrator and artist.

She is a wonderful artist, her works are pure perfection and, she alone has inspired me to want to take an art class. Her work is perfection some examples are here:


pin prick/dot work 

how beautifully detailed is this work of art!

These images are taken from her brilliant website,

She also does handmade tattoos ''on friends & friends of friends, playing with memory, space & geography turned back on the body''. To which are all done for trades only, no money is taken; which I also find to be pretty inspiring as these days people are very money orientated and no one does much in the way of trading anymore. 

I would absolutely love one of her handmade tattoos, they're the sort of tattoos that I love; they're really simplistic but yet their imagery astounds you with pure beauty.

These beautiful and simplistic wildflowers I think are my favourites, however, they're all so beautiful it is hard to pick a favourite! 

All images were taken from her website and more details of these handmade tattoos can be found here:

At school I always really enjoyed art but, I never took it up at college as unfortunately you could only take one arts course; which was a shame.

As a child, I was forever drawing, I spent hours upon hours, drawing upon reams and reams of paper; flowers, houses, tattoos, landscapes.... I used to love drawing houses, as a child I always wanted to become an interior designer - I was forever drawing houses floor plans, and interior ideas for rooms in our home. I remember too that I would always draw tattoo ideas on myself during school in pen, I often got bored during some lessons (mainly due to other pupils playing around and the teacher giving up - or completing my work early) after a whole day at school my arm and, hand, would be pretty much covered. When I was really little i'd also tattoo my little sullivan toys, I guess i've always had an interest in tattoos - even now.

I know this may sound silly but now as an 'adult' (I still really do not see myself as an adult after 2 years of being legally one), I feel a little scared to pick up a sketch book and pencils and just draw. Perhaps this is because I've forgotten how to draw, after so long or, that I am a bit of a perfectionist, and so, If it isn't perfect it isn't right and i'd have to start all over again. Most likely however, it is all down to inspiration and imagination. Personally, I do believe that as we get older our imagination fades away slightly...which reminds me of a quote from Picasso; "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

I really want to be able to draw beautiful pieces once again and hopefully taking an art class will build up my confidence, artistic ability as well as my inspiration.

Anyway, this post has go on for longer than it was meant to, however, I hope that you enjoyed reading this.

Louise x 

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