My room is my sanctuary.

All images are from tumblr. 

This evening I had an idea, I printed out some images from tumblr and framed then using black and white tape from paperchase. The colour scheme of my room is pretty much all monochrome, minus my pale pastel blue wall. 

My tumblr is:

I think it looks really nice I'm going to add to it; when I get some more tape!

I have a few things I want to add to it:

  1. A world map
  2. Ying-Yang sign 
  3. My favourite travel quote by Harun Yahya 
However, I am always finding new and inspirational images on sites such as tumblr, weheartit and so on. 

I'm always coming up with new ideas for my room, I love decorating - infact when I was younger I wanted to be an interior designer. I remember that I was forever drawing houses and, I'd spend hour upon hour on the sims just building houses.

My bedroom however, is quite small. Recently, I had my floor changed and it has made it look a lot bigger. But, in real terms a single bed pretty much touches both of the far walls. 

My new flooring & my room. 

As for the rest of my room, I like to keep it quite stylish and simple.

My 'side table' is actually just my growing collection of Vogue & Elle magazines. I think that it is a really good idea, it looks really cool and it's a great way of recycling. 

I really like how simple they look but yet how effectively stylish it is. 

However, soon I have too many as it is getting quite tall now-a-days. 

Another key theme in my room is candles, I love candles - especially in the winter as its so cozy! 

I love lanterns!

Because my room is so small, storage can be an issue. Especially when being a girl you have more bottles, lotions and potions than a beauty store. 

Most of my things are kept in baskets hidden away under my bed, or on my cabinets but somethings I like to display. 

I absolutely adore this beautiful earring stand, it's more than just storage it is like a piece of art in your room. 

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