Uni' Supplies


I went to into paperchase today and picked up some things for Univeristy. 

A magazine/book storage file - this one is met and so will last forever! It's also bigger than the average cardboard file. I usually just have my Uni' books in a pile on the floor - as my room is small (and they're too tall to fit in my ikea bookcase) So this is a great way to keep them tidy! :) 

Two other things I got were: 

1. A list pad 

I find that making lists and being able to tick them off is really great for productivity . I already added some Univeristy things on my list...mainly assignments! Ekkkk!

2. A letter writing set 

I have a penpal who also attends my Univeristy. I usually just write to her on coloured card - but I saw this and it was so sweet! She loves stationery too so I know she'll just love it! :) 

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