Letter Writing


This evening I am composing my second letter to my pen pal. However, my letter is slightly late because of university assignments. But, better late than never! 

She was so lovely in her letter. She even made me cry with her beautiful words. 

"That's something I admire in you Louise! You keep going regardless of if you didn't manage so well, you keep going until you've cracked it and achieved what you wanted. You are such an inspiration to me! .... You've always been a fighter Louise and I do admire that so much! Don't ever give up on your dreams!"

That maybe the most loveliest thing anyone has ever said to me. What makes it more meaningful, is that it is written there on paper, In her own handwriting. 

There is something really personal about letters, the time it takes to write them and the thought that is put into it is truly shown. 

It is a real shame that more people don't write letters these days. It is also so exciting to receive letters in the post! 

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