Afternoon with mum


Today my mother and I went out for Lunch.

We were just going to go to the neighboring village, however, the buses there only run every hour and there was no timetable. So we waited for the bus and, just decided to get on the first one that came. Which happened to be the bus into town! 
Grilled Chicken Salad

I let my mum decide where to go for lunch and she decided to go to the restaurant located above the cinema, since we hadn't been there for quite some time. 

We had a lovely lunch, although the portions were a little big! As usual it was a very relaxed atmosphere there and the food was delicious. 

Neon Piano!! I thought this was so awesome!
Whilst eating lunch we were talking about going to see a fil,. 

and...... we spontaneously decided to go see a film!

We went to see Despicable me 2!

It was such a good film I would definitely  recommend it! It was so funny and the minions were so cute!!!  

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