Just Breathe


My tattoo, is quite 'famous' with the likes on weheartit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram amongst other social networking/photo sites. This to me seems very weird, and slightly bizarre - but on the positive side, I guess it is nice to be admired. However, it also leads to a lot of questions...which I'm going to answer here. I guess this is like a tattoo tag post. 

When did you get your tattoo? 

A Thursday in August 2011 

Where did you get your tattoo? 

In a tattoo shop in England, UK. I don't know if the artist would like me giving out his details. 

Did it hurt? 

Honestly, no. It was like a cat scratch, nothing too painful at all. Although, the healing Is like really bad sunburn. 

Do you have other tattoos? 

No, not yet. 

Do you plan on getting anymore tattoos? 
I have a few ideas in mind, but positioning is an issue.

I always plan them in advance, I'd never have one spontaneously, I planned this one for a year in advance! 

Would you ever get a matching tattoo? 

One day, yes. I love the idea - it's very sweet! 

What is the meaning behind your tattoo?

To me, this tattoo is very personal. It symbolises the strength I had in overcoming of struggles that I had in my past. It also marks getting over my anxiety issues, I had a breathing/panic disorder where I literally couldn't breathe properly 24/7 all day everyday, and I'd developed anorexia, as well as battling with serve depression at the time. It was all very scary. 
This tattoo just reminds me to relax, to take a deep breathe, inhale love and all things good, and exhale hate and all the bad things. 
It also reminds me of how strong I am, although sometimes I may not think it, I am strong, I am a fighter, I have been through so much, I've managed to come out of the other end still alive and kicking. 
There is a lot to this tattoo much more than you could ever imagine, but they are the main points of it. 

Where is the font from?

I don't really wish to say this, as because it means so much to me, personally. I wouldn't really want someone to copy it. 

Do you think all tattoos should have a meaning?

No, I don't if someone thinks something is beautiful then they should get it. However, for me personally, yes, I'd only ever get a tattoo which had a meaning. 

Why did you get it on the back of your neck?

This I've been asked many times, because 'you can't see it'. Whilst that is a true premise, I got it there because it felt right there; like it belonged. Also, I don't really want any on my arms because I want to go into teaching. I can easily hide my tattoo on my neck, with collars, scarfs, my hair when it's down.... 

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