Serendipity (Spontaneous trip to London)


Today we took a spontaneous trip to London. We were planning on having a pretty chilled weekend, but this morning we got up and decided to go for it! It was a beautiful day, for the majority the sun was shinning bright and we saw some wonder sights today. It was truly a day of serendipity. 


Also all the photos were taken on my iPhone, as since it was a spontaneous trip I didn't have either of my camera's with me. 

We started off in Camden Town, which is just wow! Full of nostalgic markets, full of trinkets and treasures, along with quite a large selection of worldwide food. 

These desserts looked sooooooo good!

In Camden, it seems that anything goes. It has a very unique and vibrant culture...People wear whatever they like, look however they like and there is no 'normal' to confide to. Which makes it a really good place to people watch! There Is also a lot of tattoo and piercing shops along there - I guess because of it's alternative and free spirited scene. It is a really relaxed area, and you'd never feel judged there - which again, makes it a really lovely place. I'd love to go again and perhaps dig through the markets in some depth. 

We walked along the lock, where they did boat trips ( although the gondola didn't look very safe!)  and through the markets before lunch. 


For lunch we went to Hi Sushi on the lock in Camden. It had a real Japanese theme to the inside too - there were tables under the floor and, you could sit on cushions on the floor! It was surprisingly very comfortable, until you got up of course ( that was a slight struggle!) They even had a little water feature and a bridge! 

I quite like sushi, although I find it to be verrrryy filling - probably because of all the rice! However, I think that I'm getting slightly better at using chopsticks, much better than last time...I am determined to get the hang of them, and become a pro at using them!! 

After lunch we took another little walk around the market stalls before heading to the underground to get to Westminster to see the sights there. 


To my surprise, as soon as you walk up the stairs from Westminster tube station, you can see Big Ben and the London Eye! I didn't think that they'd be directly there as soon as you stepped off the tube - but low and behold they are, which is actually a really great location! 

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are really spectacular! The architecture is just superb! They're also much bigger than what I expected - as is the London eye. But to be honest, I wasn't sure what I expected as I'd only ever seen them 1. In photos and, 2. On the television. It is a lot more different in real life, you see them in there full glory! 

The London eye looked so awesome! I reaaaallly wanted to go on it then and there! However, we are booking tickets soon to go on it at night, which I believe will be utterly spectacular and breath taking, also probably quite romantic, I imagine....I am so excited for that - I can't wait!


The Aquarium is also next to the London Eye, we plan to go there too! Which I am also super excited about as I've never been to an aquarium, although I've always wanted to. I hope it has the walk in tunnels, where you walk along and there is fish swimming all around you - that would be pretty special!

We walked all along the South Bank, along the Thames till Tower Bridge - which, yes, was quite a journey. But, a rather lovely journey. On the way there we saw some wonderful things! 

and yes...that girl's turquoise hair looked amazing!

We watched a show of amazingly talented men, doing tricks - such as balancing acts and contortion. They were beyond belief, some of the tricks they were performing, I honestly couldn't believe it! I'm not even sure that I can believe it now! We watched them for quite some time, probably 10 minutes or so, I also took a video of them. 


On the subject of disbelief, I also couldn't believe that there was a little beach on the Thames! I'd never even considered the idea of that! It is pretty cool though!

A beautiful carousel along the south bank!  

''Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven"

 - William Shakespeare 

Also on the way along the South Bank was Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, where some of his most famous plays were performed, such as Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and The Tempest....The Tempest isn't my favourtite play but it is the one where my favourite quote comes from ''hell is empty and all the devils are here'' which is a very famous line from the play, and also quite true!

However, this theatre I believe is just a reconstruction - as I believe the original one was burnt down by a fire.

A lovely view of the shard!
We also past the Tate Modern on the way to Tower Bridge - a trip to the Tate is on my bucket list! I really want to go there, well actually, I want to go to all the London Museums...since they all look pretty amazing!

After a lovely, but also tiring walk along the South Bank, we finally made it to Tower Bridge! 

Me, Myself & I at Tower Bridge 

Tower Bridge, is pretty spectacular too! 

We were also lucky enough to see it go up and down as a boat with a mast wanted go through. We were on the bridge (in the middle actually) when the alarm bells started to warn people to get off. After wadding our way through a swarm of people we got a spot of the other side of the river and watched the bridge go down, which was pretty cool! I took a video of that also! 

A boat passing through!

On the other side of the river there was an awesome view of the Shard too! 

I really love London, and I am excited to go there again! 

This spontaneous trip was truly an awesome idea! We had a fantastic day out and it was just lovely! 

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