Summer in Spain


This summer I took a holiday to Spain, Benidorm to be precise.

I stayed there for 7 days Monday - Monday. We stayed in a hotel situated in the shopping area in new Benidorm, however new Benidorm is very much like Skegness.... Beach packed, tacky shops....

We went to a beautiful place in old Benidorm called Placa del Castell.

From the top you could see both of the beaches on either side. 

At the bottom you could see the beaches, skyline and the beautiful blue ocean! 

We also saw the church there called Iglesia de San Jaime the back of it has blue roofs and the bells can be heard from the new Benidorm too! 

We also went out at dusk and I took some lovely photos 

We also went to town hall, which you'd expect to be old and cultural but it wasn't at all, it was made of glass and very modern! 

Behind the town hall was a park named L'Aiguera 

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