A touch of Spain!


Saturday evening I went out for the most loveliest meal! 

I've never really been to a Spanish restaurant before, although tomorrow I'm off to Spain! 

We went to Bar Dos and Barceloneta a Spanish themed bar and restaurant.

We were a little early and so we had a drink in Bar Dos the interior was amazing, plants hanging from the ceiling and lanterns along the window it had a real Mediterranean feel to the place, with a nice atmosphere to match. 

After our drink we went into the restaurant and were escorted upstairs where it was thankfully air conditioned, since it was a verrrrry hot day!!! 

The upstairs too carried on the Mediterranean themed decor with elaborate tiles on the walls.

Really, the whole place was lovely! 

We had cocktails as it was happy hour, I had a mango daiquiri which tasted like heaven! Ugh it was sooooo nice! 

I found a recipe online so perhaps one day I'll try to recreate it.


We had bread and olives for a starter each was very nice the bread was home made.... Usually I don't like olives but we had some and they were the best olives I've ever had, the difference between good and bad olives is the difference between liking them or not. 

There was a little wait for our courses but it was well worth the wait! We both has 2 dishes of seafood each, as we both love seafood. 

In the mean time I had a strawberry daiquiri, which was nice but not AS nice as the mango one..

Each dish was perfectly cooked and tasted spectacular! Each dish had its own unique taste but all together was lovely too! 

I'd defiantly recommend this restaurant and bar it was sooooooo nice, I DEFIANTLY want to go again some time, it was another perfect evening :)  

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