From London with love


Today, we took another lovely day trip to London town!

I went to London a few weeks back, you can see that post here:

Our first stop of the day was St. Pancras Station. Although we didn't get the train to London we went there anyway to see it! It is a beautifully astounding place, to be quite honest I have never seen a station as big...then again I haven't really seen many stations...

We walked around the bottom floor, which has the shops, ticket offices and so on. We went outside to see the building itself, and it really does not look at all like a station; it's more like a really important place!

The archway in and out of the station also looks like something from the Harry Potter films, although I believe the station they used was Kings Cross

The Statue that is at the top level of the station
tiles on the floor spreading inspiration to all who walk! :)

After looking outside, and taking photos -of course! We headed back in for a spot of lunch, since we were both quite hungry. We went to the Italian restaurant Carluccio's...

We shared two starters and olives between us...I'm really starting to like olives!

my main course of pasta! :) 
After lunch we moved onto South Kensington (the name of which I could not remember...probably because it's not on monopoly haha), after getting off there we walked to Hyde Park and started making our way to Buckingham Palace.

We walked down Exhibition Road where all the museums were, I really want to see them one day, probably in the winter - when it's too cold to be walking. I didn't take any photos down there though because it started to rain a little so we hurried! But it is beautiful down that area!

Hyde Park was really a lovely park, nice and clean too! There was also A LOT of ice cream vans and huts there and you could even hire deck chairs or go on a pedal boat!

It was kinda fun to people watch there too as there was so much going on; rollerskating, picnics, riding bikes...we even saw one couple sat on the grass leaning on each others backs both reading books! It would really be a lovely day out just to the park!

pedal boats, swans & ducks

View of The Shard and London Eye from Hyde Park
View from Hyde Park

After the walk through Hyde Park we then had a long walk to Buckingham Palace, which was okay because
 1. It didn't seem like a long walk
2. It was quite a nice day

Buckingham Palace!
We got to Buckingham Palace, and honestly It wasn't as grand as I had imagined it to be...don't get me wrong it's lovely, but just not as fancy as I had envisioned. 


Although, to be fair the gates were pretty fancy!!

A guard on is true they really do not move....

Fountain & Palace

View of Big Ben from the Palace 

After the palace we then walked to Trafalgar Square, yes...we walked a heck of a lot today!! 

Nelsons column 
National Gallery and a Statue 

National Gallery & Fountain
The roof of the gallery is really quite pretty I think, a piece of art in itself.
Blue cockerel  
At the time we had no idea what the Blue Cockerel was, well of course we know it was a Blue Cockerel statue but rather why it was there...according to Google it is actually by an German Artist; Katharina Fritsch and will be on display for only 18 months! 

Canary Wharf  Bench with surprisingly no one sat on it!

After all that walking we were pretty tired and wanted ice cream / desserts we did go to a place in Trafalgar Square but the service was dreadful so after waiting quite some time we left and headed off to Canary Wharf. 

Just like before it was beautiful and so clean! Spotless even! The skyscrapers still amazed me at their height! 

We finally got our desserts at All Bar One, where we went last's really lovely!! I had Belgium Waffles - Oh My - they were SO nice!! We also again had Strawberry & Lime Cider.

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