Religious Ed' chapter...


So today I started studying the last topic of book 1 the Dali Lama it's actually really interesting so far!

I've always enjoyed learning religious education/philosophy at school I got a B in my GCSE. I just find the whole topic very interesting and it's good to find out about other cultures and what a religion offers to the followers of it.

Personally I have no problem with any religion. I think that whatever you believe in will happen to you when you die. Also that we are all going to die its inevitable and well let's face it the unknown is scary! So if it helps humans to cling onto some sense of hope to relieve such a fear in their lives then there is nothing wrong with that. However what I'm not too keen on is the wars and violence that comes with religion we should all just live together and be kinda and peaceful to one another - as the Buddhists say and with Karma.

I, myself was brought up in a Christian environment, went to a school that taught the bible from a young age.... and well I do believe in God but I do also believe in the notion of karma - being what goes around comes around. And basically I do believe that evil shall be punished and that good prevails all in the end, manners, kindness and all that other good stuff costs nothing and well it makes others feel happy when someone is nice to them!

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