Drops of awesome!


I read a blogpost about a lady who does this thing called drops of awesome. A friend from my university told me about it and I'm ever so grateful that she did....100 drops in her awesome bucket.

Now, I'm not the most positive person on this planet I fact I'm more of a "negative of a person" - as said by the wonderful poet Sylvia Plath.

What is the drops of awesome?

Basically the drops of awesome is like you have a bucket and each good thing you do in the day as simple as it may be like making your bed or something you put a drop into the bucket. And you'll soon see that you have an overflowing bucket :) what it does it it makes you realise the positives in your day, it also makes you strive to do more things to get these drops in the bucket.

Here's my list of todays drops:

- got out of bed (this may seem stupid but I do suffer from depression and with that comes a lack of motivation so for me this a great thing which can be turned from a negative to a positive)
- made my bed (yep cleaning is a positive too or else you'd live in a pig sti)
- went out and got some fresh air
- got my prescription
- got ready for Uni
- made myself dinner (I suck at cooking)
- washed up
- went to uni (again the lacking in motivation theme)
- had a really great time at Uni

These may seem really simple and stupid but honestly when you think about it each of them are a positive and it's better to fill the day with positives than negatives! I wish I could write saved a cat from a tree or saved a baby from a burning house but as great as those things are they don't occurs in my mundane simple life.

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