Driving lesson #3


It went really well today although right now my mouth is dry from not breathing haha!

It was good though I didn't stall at all and my steering was good. We focused on junctions today left turning right turning, right of way etc also the MSPSL - mirrors signal position speed look.

I drove around quite a lot and even got the chance to drive myself home too although we did approach a traffic light and I was praying it would stay green...luckily it did haha. I can't believe I drove home!

My instructor was really pleased with me and was saying how well I did on the hill starts and that I listen to her really well. It's quite hard to do lots of things at once especially the gear changes and signalling and turning haha but next week is hill start junctions and things but hopefully it will all settle in.

I also found that my ugg boots are really good for driving and I found the biting point really easily too.

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