New Years Resolutions


1. To get toned abs and glutes.
2. To graduate from University in the Summer. 
3. Get better at waking up early in the mornings. 
4. Take better care of my skin (Skincare regime & drink more water). 
5. To pass my skills tests. 

Whilst this post is a little late, published near the end of February, I wanted to share my New Years Resolutions. Last year in 2016 I did not actually make any resolutions, I just let the year flow by. Whilst I did like the lack of resolutions and the fluidity, I am a big planner and organiser. I like having things to aim towards, and thus on the completion of such things having a sense of achievement.

I am also going to keep a jar, and fill it with ONLY positive things that have happened throughout the year, and look back at all of them on NYE. I wanted to do this last year, and the year before that, but I never actually did it! I find that towards the end of the year I often forget what happened towards the beginning of the year, including all the little things I have done and achieved. This way I can document all of these wonderful things!

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