Dear Twenty Sixteen


Dear Twenty Sixteen, 

You have been a year of ups and downs. The year that I turned 22, and the year where I unfortunately lost my Grandad. You have let me learn, experience and grow a lot. 

You have allowed me to travel and visit many places including:





New Forest 

You have allowed me to experience an array of difference things for the first time including: 

Attending my first wedding (S & W)
Went to my first ever West End Show (Wicked)
Zip lined for the first time (In Romania)
Went on my first proper hike and into a canyon (In Romania)

You have also allowed me to achieve a lot academically:
Finally passed my Maths GCSE 
Got my certificate from my 2 years at the Open University: HEDip in Humanities 
Passed my second year at Loughborough University with a 2:1

Goodbye Twenty Sixteen, roll on Twenty Seventeen which will hopefully be a fantastic year, filled with love, joy and success! 

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