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Mallorca: post two

During the time spent in Calla d' Or we went to the beautiful Marina. For our first trip to the Marina we used to trusty map, and once again the walk wasn't as simple as it looked on the map.

              Lost or just exploring? 

     A little church we found on the way 

We finally made it to the Marina and walked along the palm tree paths, whilst looking at the different boats, and over across the water. 

Some of the sail boats and yachts we saw cost hundreds of thousands, to millions of pounds! That price rage is just to buy the boat, let alone the anchoring at the marina, and the maintenance and upkeep on top!

Palm trees make everywhere feel like a

                   So many boats! 

        Watching this boat sail past.

On our way back from the Marina we came across another cove, with golden sand and clear blue waters. 

We sat on the rocks and relaxed just watching the waves roll in and out, we also saw a boat sailing in towards the beach. I also went for a little paddle in the sea - which turned out to be freezing cold! 
                      On the rocks 

       Yacht sailing in from the marina. 

Our second trip to the Marina was due to the Leicester and Manchester were playing. Although I wasn't really interested in the football, sitting in the sunshine at the Marina in a bar called The Jolly Roger was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

The view from sitting outside of the bar 

During the break between the football matches we took another lovely walk along the Marina. 

Our second Marina trip also featured some fish! We sat down at the side of the Marina and watched the fish swimming around. 

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