Mallorca | Adventure Day


Mallorca: post one

It was a beautiful sunny day in Mallorca and so we decided to go on an adventure; map in hand, and following the aptly named 'Matt the Intrepid'. We wanted to visit the other bay a few miles away. However what seemed a rather simple trek, turned out to be less simple and more exciting...

On our way we came across a cliff side, which looked down onto the ocean. A little walk through some bushes gave way to stunning views. 

It's so relaxing to just watch the waves and listen to them crash against the rocks.

Further on we made it to another beautiful cove, which had a rather misleading little brown sign pointing to 'platja' (beach). Following this sign we went up the steps, and up the side of a cliff - which involved navigating through various bushes and trees, whilst wearing sandals. 

   Cove one, with the yellow 'house'. 
                    Up, up & away! 
    The view from going up the cliff side.

After going through the trees we came across a little wall...which we climbed over (naturally). The otherside of the wall was the most stunning hotel I've ever seen (not that I've been to many hotels, but still). During our time wandering through the complex's grounds, and wondering if we'd ever get out, I would definitely give the hotel a 5 star rating as it was so clean and just wow! I still can't get over just how stunning it was, little things - right?

    Just image laying here with that view! 

Walking along we could see the beach but not actually get to it! 

During our walk through the complex, we asked someone for directions to the beach, and we managed to find our way out of the hotel - which was gated (luckily it wasn't locked!). 

After our intrepid adventure we found our way to the beach...which was tiny but still  wonderfully beautiful - after all the best things come in small packages! We stayed there for a while just relaxing on the beach (tick off the bucket list), and catching some rays in the sunshine. 

    No filter is really needed! 
    Nevertheless here's a filter...


 M heart L ... My attempt at trying to be romantic. 

Also on our adventure, we came across a very cute Labrador puppy. I couldn't help but not mention it, anyone who knows me knows that I adore I couldn't end this post without mentioning  the puppy.

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