New Years Resolutions


For the first time ever I have actually done pretty much all my New Years Resolutions, I can't quite believe it myself!  

My last years resolutions were: 

1. Get a job and stick at it 
I have a job and I have stuck at it now for 9 months! 

2. Stick at Uni and work hard 

I have stuck at uni, I'm still carrying on with my changed English language and Literature degree. 

3. Save money and don't spend 

I have actually managed to save quite a bit of money this year. Which is of course much easier to do when you have a job. 

4. Make decisions

Still not great at this one either...

5. Learn to drive 

This year I learnt to drive, I passed my driving test and I also purchased my own car! It's so wonderful having your own car, it brings so much freedom with it! 

I am so proud that I managed to complete most of these resolutions! It's the first time that has ever happened, I hope that I will manage it in this coming year too! This coming year of 2015 I have made new resolutions but I am also going to have 'make decisions' again on my list as I didn't manage to complete that one. 

2015's Resolutions are: 

1. Be better at making decisions (rollover) 
2. Get better at yoga 
3. Eat healthier 
4. Learn to swim 
5. Cut down on my medication 

I also want to carry on with last years resolutions, as they are still important. Especially, saving more money.

Now to end this year, my best of's:

2014's most played has to be Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Andrea, and Calvin Harris.
2014's most watched has to be Eastenders, Orange is the new black, Miranda, Girls.
2014’s most anticipated has to be Malificent, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent. 
2014's most read has to be my uni course books, uni set books, TEFL books.

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