Girls | HBO


So I've been stuck in bed with flu for the past however-many-days. I hate being stuck in bed, it's so boring and extremely depressing. 

I know I should probably be catching up with university work, but in all honestly, I don't think I have the concentration or the motivation to read any books. Not even the novel I'm currently reading, that I'm really into (The Rabbit Back Literature Society). Nor, the book on mindfulness that I want to read, in order to, help calm my stresses, aniexties and winter time blues. 

So, instead of being productive ive been watching a series called Girls on HBO with the sky app (in between resting naps and trying to eat something).

I'm currently on season 3 of Girls and I'm hooked! I love it! Plus there's not a long wait till the all new season 4 which is coming out in January 2015. 

It's really relatable as a girl in my twenties. I feel like I share personality traits with each of the girls e.g. 

I'm kinda uptight like Marnie and like to plan every little detail, plus I never really let loose, and I have abandonment issues too. 

Marnie is totally unlike the beautiful Jessa who I wish I could be more like, in terms of her free sprit attitude to life. However, she does have an underlying sadness that seems to be deep rooted in her heart. 

I would also absolutely adore one of Jemima's handmade tattoos! Just like the ones she has given to Lena/Hannah, she's so creative and she is an artist in real life. 

Hannah I feel has big dreams and pursues them, like her ambition to become a writer. Which is related to myself with my bucket list. She's also a hopeless romantic and wants the perfect relationship. Although, I'm not as comfortable in my own skin as Hannah is, which I hope will be something I'll learn to be as I grow.  

Shoshanna is very naive 

Also, it's inspired me to read Lena Dunhams book 'Not that kind of girl' - yep another book to add to my pile of books to read, I think I have an addiction to books. In my defence, it could be much worse. Plus I'm a literature student after all, so it's allowed...right? 

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