Positivity | Grateful & Proud |


Here's a list of things that I'm thankful for, a list of good things that have changed In my life over the past year. 

Also, a list to myself of things that I should be proud of because we often focus on the negative and not the positive accepts of our lives. We never praise ourselves, only put ourselves down and compare ourselves to others.  

Things I have this year which I didn't have last year: 

1. A car 
^ I am so grateful for this, I love driving and I love the freedom that comes with having your own car. 

2. A job 
^ I didn't have a job last year at all, I'm happy that it's a stable job that keeps me busy and keeps me from thinking to much and then in turn makes me down/panic, I also like having an income.

3. A TEFL qualification 
^ although I am yet to finish my TEFL course I am doing this, after so many years of wanting to. I am one step closer to gaining my dream!  

Things that I am proud of myself for doing: 

1. Motorway Driving 
I am very proud and feel very brave that I have recently managed to drive on the motorway myself, even at night! 

2. 100% 
I am proud that I got 100% on my TEFL methodology 

3. Wanderlust 
I am proud that I was brave enough to finally get my wanderlust tattoo done that I've wanted for many years! 

4. Stresses 
I am proud that after all the stresses and worries that I managed to get my final English uni assignment in within just a short time frame. 

5. Wow 
I am proud that at work I have obtained 'wow cards' for my excellent work especially with customers and customer service. 

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