Day in the Life |1.10.14|


My day started off like most days recently by having to move this beautiful puppy off the sofa & into the kitchen so that I can go out for a little while. 

I drove into the town to get my tattoo touched up. I was early (as perusual) and so on the way I got a Starbucks, only a small English Breakfast tea...but it helped last time! Tea truly is a great cure for a number of ailments.  

I got to the studio, not as nervous as previously, and to be honest slightly excited to be getting tattooed again. It is honestly addictive! 

Books, books & more books! 

During getting tattooed...

It didn't take long for my artist to complete the touch up as it had healed very well! So the tattooing lasted maybe 5 minutes or less. 

I kind of wished it had been longer as I really enjoyed talking to my artist and just the whole atmosphere in the tattoo shop. It's so laid back and not judgemental with lots of books and artwork all over the walls, and all over the artists for that matter. It's just a very chilled and welcoming environment, although from the outside tattoo shops may look kind of daunting at first but they're honestly not. After all don't judge a book by it's cover! 

                  'Improve the time' 

After my tattoo session I walked back to my little car and drove for a coffee meeting. To meet with some lovely ladies, Kerry and Pam. 

We had a short but sweet meeting in Costa coffee and Pam gave me some absolutely beautiful flowers for getting 100% in one of my TEFL methodology assignments! I should get 100% more often I think haha. 

They're such beautiful flowers, I've never really been given flowers spontaneously. It was such a lovely and thoughtful surprise. I think that getting flowers for good occasions or even for no occasion at all, really makes people happy. It's just a kind gesture with a little pick me up attached to it. I really did feel better after the surprise flowers, I'm very grateful to Pam for them. 

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