Meet our new puppy


Last night, after a very long car journey into the barren countryside (which really looked like I'd imagine Texas to be, it even had a little garage with a big Harley motorbike outside...queue tumbleweeds...) we went to a farm to see some very sweet labradoodle puppies! 

There was only two left, a curly haired puppy and a rough coated puppy. 

We ended up buying the curly haired puppy, so without further ado I introduce you too our little bundle of joy, Rolo. 

He is adorable! On the journey home I had him on my lap he was very scared and stressed (understandably) so he was cuddled up to me the whole way! 

He's settled into our house very well, he's a lovely boy very good temperament and knows his boundaries. Both Labradors and Poodles are clever dogs, which makes him extra clever! He is very sweet and playful, when he jumps around the living room with excitement it is so sweet ! He's wonderful! 

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