Getting to know me tag


So I saw this tag on my friends blog,

I thought I'd do it too as it looked fun aswell. 

So without further ado here it is, 

1. Do you have a middle name? Yes! I do it's Alexandria (with an 'I') everyone thinks it's Alexandra but nope lol I like it it's different.

2. What was your favorite subject in school? English, French and Media :)

3. What's your favorite drink? At the moment it's definitely Starbucks blend hibicius tea! I love that tea it's so nice, if you like herbal tea and, are yet to try it I highly recommend that you do.

4. What's your favorite song at the moment?
 This is a hard one I like many songs...hmmm... Either Avicii Hey Brother or Britney Perfume.

5. What would you name your children? Oh I have plenty of ideas for a girl definitely something beginning with an A, for example, Adrianna. For a boy, either Alexander, William or Jayson.

6. Do you participate in any sports? Not really, to be honest. However, tomorrow night I am going to my first ever Yoga class! Also, I walk everywhere so I guess that counts?

7. What's your favorite book? I love John Green's books they're really good. Right now I am reading Miranda Hart's book, Is it just me? I am loving reading this I've not been able to put it down!

8. What's your favorite colour? 
 I'd say Black and White but they're shades apprently... So purple.

9. What's your favorite animal? 
Dogs and Panda bears!

10. What's your favorite perfume? At the moment Prada Candy.

11. What's your favorite time of year? 
Summer 100% Summer! I hate winter with a passion! It's cold, grey and gloomy and also very depressing! Bring on summer!!

12. Have you been out of the country? Yep, I have, however not as many times as I'd like - only 3 times - twice to France and once to Spain.

13. Do you speak any other languages? Well I'm currently learning French, at uni. I also can speak some Bulgarian - which I love it's such a beautiful language! 

14. Do you have any siblings? 
This for me I a very complicated could say I'm an only child , although I had 2 sisters who died before I was born. I also have a half brother who I've never met.

15. What's your favorite shop? Well ones I can't afford and don't shop in, Micheal Korrs, Chanel, D&G and Louis Vuttion - ofcourse....*continues to dream* .... Ones I do actually shop in, H&M, New Look and Topshop. 

16. What's your favorite food? 
Italian Food, Belgian Waffles and deserts in general, and not forgetting chocolate of course! 

17. What's your favorite movie? 
I have A LOT of DVDs I could go on and on with this question but I'll just name a few, 500 Days of Summer, In Time, The Great Gatsby, Midnight in Paris and more recently About time and the secret life of Walter Mitty.

18. What are some of your favorite TV shows? 
Miranda, The Big Bang Theory, Charmed,  True Blood, Orphan Black, Mistresses (US version), Once upon a time and Eastenders (yes I know!).

19. What phone do you have? 
An iphone 4, with a panda case on it!

20. How tall are you? 
I'm only 5'4, I wish I was taller :'(

21. Any pets? 
I wish :( in my dreams, yes, in reality no. 

22. Any Kids? Noooooo, not for a long time hopefully! Also, I'd rather adopt than have one of my own.

23. If you weren't you, would you be your friend? 
I'd like to think so yes.

24. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Their hair & outfit.

25. What is your eye colour?
 Hazel, although in the summer they change more green-y.

26. Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings all the way! I'm such a chicken and I hate any kind of scary film! Such a wimp!

27. Favorite smells? 
Freshly baked bread, candles, perfumes.

28. Do you have any special talents? Um, not really. Although people say I'm very good at eyeshadow, I guess I am, so I'll go for that! Lol
29. Where were you born? Leicester in England, unfortunately.
30. What are your hobbies? Blogging, reading, photography, erm driving lessons?, fashion, hair and makeup.
Well there you have it, I quite enjoyed this little tag! and I hope you enjoyed it too. 

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