Adding more to my plate


So, I recently discovered the amazing invention of FREE education! 

Yes, that's right - Free! 

I discovered the website Future Learn, from my own university news page. For those who don't read my blog, or know me on some personal level, I am already a university student. I am currently studying towards my BA (hons) degree in Language Studies, with the Open University. However, I'm considering changing this to BA English Language and Literature. 

I also love learning! Although I am already studying French, and soon to be starting my English Module in early February. I decided it would be a good idea to add more to my educational plate (this may not be a great idea but time shall tell), so this time I have gone for a more literature based course, since I am wanting to change my degree to English Lang' & Lit' I thought I'd try a literature course out. 

The course I have chosen is Shakespeare’s Hamlet: text, performance, and culture the course itself starts very soon on the 13th of January (only 6 days away! Ekk) so luckily I didn't miss the start date. The course is 6 weeks long and is delivered by the University of Birmingham.  

The course itself is all about Shakespeare's famous play Hamlet, the website says that, 

"This course introduces the many ways in which Hamlet can be enjoyed and understood. Six weekly videos discuss the play’s fortunes in print, and its own representations of writing and theatre; its place in the Elizabethan theatrical repertory; its representation of melancholia and interiority; its fortunes on the modern stage; its appeal to actors; and its philosophy."

It sounds interesting and hopefully it shall be! It will also look good on my cv, as it would anyone's, as it shows an active interest to better oneself and, determination and ability to learn new things. Also since it's a distance learning course, it shows great organisation and time management skills in order to finish the course. 

I shall update my blog on how things go with this course, that is, if I have time to blog doing this course as well as my degree courses...

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