I know that every other girl on the planet is talking about this book, but it’s my turn now. IT is so beautifully put together and feels so lovely to hold, and is so lovely to look at that it would look so pretty on any girls bookcase, it’s hard back, bound in pastel pink fabric - simple but so perfect.

Alexa talks about her style icons throughout this book, the modeling world and her own thoughts on fashion and even how to get dressed in the morning. 

This book is filled with quotes and inspirational images, it is sort of like tumblr, only in book form. 

The book also includes illustrations by Alexa herself, which is cute - and makes me want to doodle too.

It's not the sort of book you'd read from cover to cover. It's the sort of book you read, put down, forget you have it for several weeks, then pick it up again read 10 or so pages, before wandering off to make a cup of tea. Only to return to it again days later.

The End

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