I've not posted about my driving lessons for a long time now. Mainly because, I've had nothing to say as it got to the point where we were doing the same thing every week - thus getting no where. 

However, I recently swapped to Acclaim driving school and I was having manual lessons with them. I had 3 in a manual and yesterday I had my first ever automatic lesson...and well... 

It was without a doubt the best lesson I've ever had! We did so much in just 2 hours! 

First, he didn't know what I'd done before with driving so he asked me a few questions and then we just drove around the block twice just stopping and starting with a few junctions, he said I did that very well and that I was a natural - I didn't even go for the clutch pedal or the geers once - then again I never usually do in a manual either haha! 

After that I stopped the car and he said we'd do something a little more difficult, so I drove through pedestrian crossings and did mini roundabouts past the test center. I felt like I could drive, he said my anticipation and observation on the roundabouts was very good, usually on a manual it isn't due to worrying about what's in the car (the clutch, gears) rather than what's outside. What else helped with that, was that he didn't tell me when to go or anything he left me do things myself, which I found really helped. He was a great Instructor! 

After doing that well, he then said we'd go to one of the busier round abouts and I did that well too. I'd previously told him that I hadn't done dual carriageways either so after that big roundabout we drove past the big shopping center and then onto he dual carriageways at first it was scary - I'd never drove at 40mph before and so at first I stayed at 30 but he encouraged me to go faster.

After that we went on many A roads and on many big roundabouts, one was massive but I did it! We even drove to another part of the city, which is never done before and I felt very proud. On the way back I actually did the speed limit of 50mph on the A roads like the signs said and I felt ok with it. 

At the end we also did manoeuvres so he could see how I was with them, we did 2 reverses round the corner and a turn in the road, both went well.

After just one lesson I feel so much more confident I feel like I can drive! He also said that it wouldn't be much longer till I could do my test!!! I'm so excited for next lesson!

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