Univeristy helpful tips


I have been a university student now since February 2013, when I took my first module AA100 (The Arts Past and Present).  My actual degree that I am undertaking is a BA (hons) Degree in Language Studies - French and English with the Open University. I am now onto my second module, L192 (Beginners French). 

In the short space of time that I have been a university student I've come across some great things that help along the way such as:

A Study Guide 

This amazing book by Palgrave! My last tutor suggested it to me, after I had written my reflective/self critical essay, in which I wrote about how I wanted/needed to improve my writing skills. 

The book pretty much covers everything you'll need to know about university life from preparing for university to essay writting and even some maths is in there! It is an amazing book, one that I truly reconmend! 

A to-do list / Diary 

I totally reconmend having a to-do list to remind you what things you need to do, although my university does have an online calendar sometimes you might not be online or near a computer it's also a good idea to have a to-do list for things you feel you're struggling on, for example, Pratice vocabulary on country names or, Write first draft of assignment.... 

I used to use my phone calendar to write in important dates but now I tend not to, since I updated it to IOS7 and the calendar is totally different :/ 


I love these stickers from Wilkinsons, they're great for university text books - or even your own notes when you don't want to forget something or want to remember where something is! I used them A LOT with my last module as the text books were solid text, so it helped me to find a page when trying to find quotes to back up my arguements with during assignments. 


I got these a while back from Waterstones as they seemed like a great idea and they really are especially for if you're reading and want to know the exact line/sentence/paragraph you finished on, just position it so that the arrow is pointing there, again it also helps to pinpoint good quotes/pages. 

Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes are great for key notes and little quotes....or, for a language student to put on vocabulary and stick them everywhere, on mirrors  and doors so that you can see it and remember them...not that my mirror is filled with sticky notes...of course *cough cough*. 

They can also double up as bookmarks if you fold them around the page, like I've done on my study guide (see the photo above). 

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