London with Friends - London Bridge & The Shard


After our trip to Camden we went to London Bridge for the main part of our journey - going up the shard!! Our allotted time wasn't until 4:30 so we spent some time hanging around the Thames.

 Just outside the walkway down to the Thames is a dessert stall where we got some really nice treats! - I'd recommend getting something from there. They all looked so delicious waffles, marshmallows, strawberries, melted chocolate....heaven!

 We then took a walk along the river trying to find somewhere to have a drink, we went in a bar called The Dock I believe - it's just near the HMS Belfast on top of the building for the gift shop for that.

The view from where we were sat was so wonderful! 

After our little rest and drink we headed back towards the Shard.

It looked so awfully tall when we were stood under it I was very nervous at that point. However, the Eiffel Tower is taller than the shard and I have been up that twice before. 

We were still a little on the early side so we went into All-Bar-One which was right next to the shard for a drink and some dutch courage of course! 

After our drink we went up to the shard - which had airport like security systems you know where you put all your things into a tray and then walk through the beep-ing thing..... Also....The lifts in the shard go up so fast it is like charlie and the chocolate factory! 

Views from the shard:

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