Trapped in Grey & Gloom


 So this is summer? The whole of England is just so grey, gloomy and dull. All the time it just has grey sky, grey waters, grey pavements....

England - UK

I feel as if it just sucks all the colour and life out of everything and everyone. No one says hello to one another, no one smiles at each other in the street. The streets are full of concrete and tar, there's no colour, no life. 

I really do hate living here, once I move I'm never coming back. There are places with so much more beauty than here, so much more life. 

I feel trapped. 

I'd rather be somewhere beautiful...such as....

Photos are of: Bora Bora, Santorini - Greece, Agueda - Portugal, Portofino - Italy, Albarracin Aragon - Spain

Photos are of: Moscow - Russia, Whitehaven Beach - Australia, Kotor Bay - Montenegro, Tahiti, Isle of Skye - Scotland

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