So tomorrow (or in 1 hour) is my birthday...and also joint with Father's Day this year // 16~06~2013 // 

My friend last night slept round.

The really sweet messages inside my card that my friend gave me! So cute!! 

The beautiful bag that my best friend got me for my birthday it's sooooooo nice!! I love the flower and the diamond top and the bows it's just so nice!!!

Me and my best friend took a shopping trip to Birmingham - Bullring for the day, and also had dinner there too. 

We got the train to Birmingham which didn't take too long. 

The journey there....views of fields & industrial sights with the odd graffiti here and here. 

When we got there we stopped off at Costa for a early lunch. 

We then just spent the rest of the day shopping! 

Forever 21 

Beautiful prom dress shop! 

The Bullring Jelly Bean Bull in Selfridges 

After shopping and walking around for several hours we had dinner at the usual pizza express. Although by this time once again the weather had got worse - not that it was particularly brilliant to start with. 

What I brought: 

1. Light Blue Full Length Dress 
2. Forest Green Maxi Dress
3. Grey Tank Top 
4. Foundation
5. Conclear 

^ not a great deal - nor too exciting. 

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