Driving lesson


This weeks lesson when so much better than last weeks! 

I was a little apprehensive about today's lesson due to my recent panic attacks, I felt panicky before the lesson but as soon as I got into the car and was talking to my instructor i felt fine. 

My starting off was good as was my drive , I didn't have to stop at many junctions although I did stall once at the traffic lights but I quickly recovered . 

I managed to do 2 reverses and a turn in the road on my own with no help and so next week I am getting to move onto meeting. I am excited to go onto something new!

I also got a practice theory test from my instructor and so I will be trying that out over the next week. 

On the negative side my belly piercing really hurt after sitting in the car for an hour and sweating because of the heat but as soon as I got home I cleaned it!

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