This mornings driving lesson


This morning I again started off the car from my house and drove all the way there and all the way back! In fact my instructor didn't drive once!

When I got in the car she tested me on my knowledge of the pedestrian crossings, which I knew them all. And we then set off! On the way most of the lights were green so I didn't really get a chance to stop, there was also nobody on the zebra crossings either.

We focused a lot of junctions today and my gear changes weren't brilliant because I was doing 1000 things at once....steering on a bend and changing gear is hard! However it went well I didn't stall once and my mum was watching out the window as I drove off and parked up and she said she was impressed.

I have been set homework to read my Highway Code book about signals, were going to focus on those on Wednesday. I'm having two lessons this week as I didn't have any last week due to my instructor being away that week.

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