Venice | September '14 | Day 1


Unfortunately I don't many photos from day 1 as most of the day was spent traveling! 

I got a few photos on the plane journey there. Although it was very cloudly! I love looking out of a plane window and seeing the view below it truely is magical, even more so at night time with all the beautiful lights shining through. 

These photos where when we were on the vaperettio, to San Maro, which is a water boat - like the tube system but on water! 

Approaching San Marco

The streets of San Marco 

The Cathedral 

Lusting over high price tagged designer day I hope! To be honest, I didn't even dare to go into these shops because I knew that 1. I could never afford such things and 2. It would break my heart and so I thought better not go I. So I just stood and stared through the windows at a life that could have been. 

Giusepe actually had the high heeled gold leaf shoes that are so beautifully made, only I didn't dare to even try them! They were like works of art not shoes! 

The sun going down before the darkness of night descended....

The city, like most European cities looked so romantic at night time! 

A massive cruise liner! I'd never seen one before that! 

Venetian masks! 

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