TEFL course


This weekend (being the 18th and 19th of October) I attended my TEFL course. 

I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was the best experience of my life as a student. 

Before I attended the course I was a little worried about it. Mainly due to, it was so intensive, Saturday 9am till 8pm and Sunday 9am till 6pm. Which seems very daunting! 

However, I adored every aspect of it, the tutor was so interesting and inspiring. He'd traveled the world, spoke several languages and was so committed to his job and linguistics. His style of teaching was great, lots of games and activities were involved as well as some lectures - of course...but...he made the lectures really fun and interesting and involved us all. 

Also the group was lovely - we all got on so well. We all plan to keep in touch to hear about each other's wonderful adventures. 

I felt really sad when it had ended. I didn't want it to end at all! It was so inspiring. I honestly felt a little anxious at the end.i felt like that was it, now being thrown into the deep end. Doubt was playing on my mind, wondering if I could actually do this, if I could actually teach. 

I was brave enough to talk to the tutor after the course however and voice my concerns to which he responded with several things:

1. I wouldn't trust my 2nd sixth form students, who you aren't much older than me, to even write a letter let alone teach, but I would trust you. 

2. You are more than capable. 

3. In a class where some students were twice even three times your age you were always ahead. 

4. Go to a summer camp and teach in the UK first, then abroad, but first get your degree before you go. 

5. If I didn't think you were capable you wouldn't be here. 

6. Having experience, a degree in English at 2.2 or 2.1, as well as, being a native speaker and being able to transcribe both reading and speaking will make you highly desirable. 

7. There are more jobs out their than there are native teachers. 

I guess I just have to ultimately believe in myself.

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