A few hours spent in London Town.


As you may know if you read my blog, I've recently been struggling slightly with the Open University; in terms of, motivation and the lack of tutorials impacting on my studies. 

The grand entrance of the main UCL campus.

So, I have emailed a few universities and UCL (Univeristy college London) said yes! Which I honestly wasn't expecting, due to that they're a quite prestigious Univeristy and I emailed them on a whim really - I wanted to go there after finishing my Alevels but for several reasons it didn't work out, so I thought I'd ask them on the off chance. 

The lady I emailed was so lovely and accomedating. She asked me if I wanted to meet with her to talk about the course and to be shown around the Univeristy. So, I took her up on the offer. I took the train down to London on my own, which was scary! But I was ok I managed to make it there and back!

I had a meeting with the administration officer there about the course. The course I wanted to do was BA Bulgarian and East European Studies. However, unfortunately I am not sure it I'll be able to attend the Univeristy because I won't get my OU grades in time. I could defer it to next year but betime next year comes around I'll only have another year left of studying with the OU, so I might as well stay with them. 

SSEES building that I'd attend to do my lectures. 

It is really sad that I can't go but there's pros and cons to everything, and perhaps this course wouldn't open as many doors and English would and hopefully will. 

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