Over The Knee Boots


For this Autumn/Winter season over the knee boots are really in trend!

They're all over the catwalk this season with Chanel's shiny leather boots, Serigo Rossi's never ending leather boots, Céline's ivory collection,  and Jimmy Choo's flat leopard skin print to Balmain's suede affair!

All images from Vogue Sept 2013

Here is just a few reasons as to why they're so popular: 

- they're sexy
- they elongate your legs
- they're glamorous
- they make you feel a certain way
- they're also very warm in the winter 

Today I purchased my own over the knee boots and stepped into this trend that is walking all over the catwalks. 

I got mine from New Look, they're made my Kelly Brook and retail for £39.99 however with student discount they went down to a lovely £35.99. 

The front of the boot and the heel is all a black suede material however the back of them is a kind of lyrca material honestly, I have no idea what that is! But it think it's used to help keep them over your knee and not fall down - maybe.... 

You can also buy them online from here: 

These come just above the knee and aren't too high that they're uncomfortable to walk in - which is good - because I love them so much and, I want to wear them practically all the time! 

Not many people realize it but over the knee boots can be very versatile. I believe the fact that people think that they're not puts them off buying a pair, that they'll be just another item lost forever at the back of an already overflowing wardrobe. Here's a few examples of outfits they could be paired with:

A Simple Outfit:

Thrown Together with Jeans & a Plain White T-shirt
 A Night Out Outfit: 

Party in Style with Over The Knee Boots & A Little Black Chic Playsuit 
 Student Outfit: 

Comfy-Chic Student Style

Casual Outfit: 

Over the Knee Boots even go well paired together with a skirt!

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