Sunday Lunch


This Sunday myself and my boyfriend took the train into town for a spot of Sunday lunch.

We went to a lovely retro themed restaurant called The Lansdowne which was a short walk from the train station. 

We had a starter of scallops between us which was really nice! 

For main I had a Sunday lunch of roast beef, with Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. The beef was so lovely and tender it was delicious! My boyfriend had fish and chips, which was really nice he had amazing chips and sweet potato chips too! 

Then comes the best part.... 


I couldn't decide between chocolate brownie or Belgian waffle...but I love waffles *gets hungry just thinking about them*

It was very yummy with blackberries, blueberries and a raspberry flavoured sauce! I could eat waffles forever & ever! 

The restaurant was really nice, I'd definitely go again! 

After lunch we went to the park - but the weather had deteriorated some what, and so, for the last hour before the train arrived we went to the bar next door. 

 The bar next door to the train station has some of THE best wallpaper, library books, stamps, and glittery purple Bollywood style! 

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